We're on a mission to make high-nutrition a realistic option for everyone.

Pressed Juicery has set the standard for cold-pressed juice by abiding to a simple, guiding principle: nutrition should be delicious, affordable and accessible to everyone. Our farm-to-bottle promise provides millions of customers with healthy juice sourced from California’s Central Valley.

We make cold-pressed juice, plant-based soft serves, and power-packed shots.

Up to 4lbs of produce per bottle.

Soft serve made with only 6 ingredients.

Pressed Juicery offers a variety of deliciously nutritious, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices.

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Our plant-based, dairy-free soft serve, Freeze, is made with 100% real fruit, vegetables and nuts – no artificial colors, binders or preservatives.

Tasty, ultra-concentrated nutrient shots.

These tiny but mighty shots deliver powerful, fresh-pressed ingredients.


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We make it accessible and affordable for everyone.

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With 75+ stores across the U.S., local delivery and nationwide shipping, nothing can come between you and your Pressed Juicery.

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